Adhesive Solutions

Mosaic Seal

Mosaic Seal - 100 Multipurpose Primer

Description : Mosaic Seal 100 Multipurpose Primer is a high performance acrylic waterproofing primer with excellent bonding with various substrates. It can be applied on plaster cement, cementitious board and new & old concrete. It yields into overall strength of waterproofing system.

Area of Application : Mosaic Seal 100 Multipurpose Primer is to be applied on smooth surface cement plaster coat to application of cementitious and acrylic waterproofing membranes.

  • It can be used for both internal and external applications.

Mosaic Seal - 110 2K Cementitious Acrylic Based Polymer Waterproofing

Description : Mosaic Seal 110 (2 pack). Is a two component, polymer modified, cementitious Acrylic Based Waterproof coating. which creates non porous film on the substrate. Mosaic Seal 110 (Powder) consisting of cements, finely graded aggregates and a proprietary blend of additives which offer enhanced adhesion and flexibility. It compiles to ASTM C 109, C 348, and C 882.

Area of Application :

  • Swimming pool, Fountain & Other water contain areas.
  • Waterproof of podium, Terrace, Bathroom Sunk, Balcony, Basement Retaining Wall, Over Head Water Tank, Under Ground Water Tank, Canal, Dam etc.
  • Interior or Exterior