Adhesive Solutions

Mosaic Fix

Mosaic Fix - 200 Highly Polymer Modified White Adhesive

Description : Mosaic Fix 200 is a high performance & highly polymer modified pre mixed special high quality white adhesive. It is used for permanent fixing of Mosaic. Mosaic Fix 200 is a non-shrink, heat proof, self-curing and highly flexible adhesive having excellent waterproofing properties. It is specially made for Mosaic applications etc. It is both for exterior and interior applications. It compiles to IS 15477:2004 & BS 5980: 1980

Area of Application :

  • Ready to use ultra-high bonding and highly durable
  • Suitable for indoor and out door
  • No need for hacking or mechanical key on surface
  • Self-Curing, thus no need to curing
  • Ideal for fixing all types of mosaics
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • Ideal adhesive for wall, floor, showers area, dry and wet areas, swimming pool etc.

Mosaic Fix - 220 Highly Modified Two Component PU Adhesive

Description : Mosaic Fix 220is a high shear and tensile improved PU based cladding adhesive to use on any construction material to fix any Mosaic on any surface. Mosaic Fix 220 has property of no vertical slip due to high tensile and shear strength so it can be recommended for interior and exterior cladding and flooring.

Advantages :

  • High bond and Non staining
  • High chemical resistance
  • Water and UV resistance
  • Permanent bond
  • Accommodate vibrations and shock
  • Any Mosaic on any surface