Bullnose, Trims & Corners

Mosaic Accessories

PICCOLO Mosaic Accessories are manufactured as per the European Norms as defined in EN 14411 Group BIa where water absorption (Eb) is < 0.5%. PICCOLO Mosaic Accessories are special pieces used at various places such as corners, angles, curves, mouldings, etc.

PICCOLO Mosaic Accessories range gives us the liberty to mix and match with various sizes of PICCOLO Mosaics as per the need. There are many advantages in using PICCOLO Mosaics Accessories:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Gives better finish
  • Gives Premium look & feel
  • Protects us from sharp edges & corners
  • Usage of matching colour / contrast colour mosaic accessories at the edges & corners enhances the beauty & elegance of the ambience
  • Usage of distinct colour mosaic accessories at the edges & corners creates safety to swimmers.

PICCOLO Mosaic Accessories can be used in all places be it private or public like Airports, Hotels etc. and are suitable for both Interiors as well as Exteriors applications. PICCOLO Mosaic Accessories can be applied in many areas like Thermal Pools, Wellness Pools, Pool Deck, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Countertops etc.

Looking to the advantages, you cannot deny considering the use of mosaic accessories to get the "complete" feel of the ambience.

Bullnose Application

TRIMS & CORNERS Application

Bullnose Ambience

Trims & Corners Ambience