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Calm Colours

Certain colours can calm our mind even in a stressful environment. Soothing and restful effect can be created with sky blue at the center of colour combination. Like spring growth, cool colours with tint make us feel renewed if complements and accents of these tranquil hues are similar in value. Calm is a mood to choose, if you want to communicate a sense of well-being and peace.

Classic Colours

Classic colours are fantastic vibrant combinations, indicative of strength and authority. Intense trendy blue in design generates a perception of responsibility and truth. Even when combined with other hues it scores high for standing out. Combinations with its split complement red-orange and yellow-orange retain strong visual contrast. Classic is a mood to choose, if you want to indicate an unmistakable stability and excellence.

Regal Colours

Regal colour combinations are highly focused on Navy blue, a very dark shade of blue, which almost appear as black. This highest colour in the visible spectrum symbolizes authority and regal inspiration. The most exquisite and striking colour scheme can be created when navy blue is combined with its complement yellow-orange. Regal is a mood to choose, if you want to experience the majestic life.

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