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Rich Colours

The sense of wealth & status can be expressed by combinations of brown with its darkened complement. These rich colour schemes offer plenty of possibilities for variations as well. These colours bring hidden meanings and symbolisms at the front. Rich is a mood to choose, if you want to create a luxurious and unforgettable effect.

Friendly Colours

This series of golden brown colour is inspired from earth. Friendly colour palette is soothing, approachable and inviting. Being a monochromatic colour scheme it uses a variation in lightness and saturation of a single colour. However, this clean, elegant and balanced colour scheme produces stunning visual effects. Friendly is a mood to choose, if you really like amicable and conventional ambience.

Elegant Colours

Beautiful, balanced and sympathetic colour schemes of teak brown, copper brown and terracotta brown are known as elegant. The excitement of this style with pastels is in the variety of blends and strokes that can be created to complement the natural light. A classic and opulent statement of elegance can be delivered with an intelligent use of coffee brown, lavender pink or military green. Elegant is a mood to choose, if you want to highlight the architectural details with a classic statement.

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