Swimming pool & water bodies are always place of fun and enjoyed by all. It is important to make the swimming area beautiful, safe and luxurious. Mosaics are vital component to create elegance; take care of functionality & give freedom of designing the water body. Good quality pool mosaics serve the dual purpose of making the pool look more lively as well as to keep swimmers safe. Piccolo porcelain mosaics bring new AQUA collection with beautiful colours & finishes for swimming pools & water bodies. AQUA collection allows designer an unbelievable, first of its kind, palette of colours & looks to choose from the range of effects; Silk with satin effect, Velvet with gloss effect, Moire with cloudy effect, Denim with shading effect and Crepe with crackle effect. It’s time to make swimming pools look stunning with Piccolo Aqua collection. AQUA Collection of piccolo offers 231 options in 5 looks. With this new AQUA collection you can implement creative ideas to beautify your Swimming pool, Bathroom, Spa, Jacuzzi etc.

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